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Waist High Optical, with Barrier Arms

  • Waist High Optical, with Barrier Arms
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Product Description

The sleek design of this optical turnstile enhances the look of any lobby or entrance area. Exterior panels are hand polished satin stainless steel, beautifully set off by the black acrylic lid. This optical turnstile is for indoor use, and provides a near perfect blend of safety, security and operational functionality.

Individual cabinets are only 7” wide. This allows the turnstile to fit in small application areas and supports space saving multi-lane configurations. This optical turnstile maintains its slim profile even when providing ADA-compliant 36" passage width.  The standard passageway width is 28". In normal operating mode, when a valid credential is presented, the barrier arms move down and into the cabinet in approximately .25 seconds, creating a clear passageway for the user.

As the user passes through the turnstile, the barrier arms either smoothly return to the closed position (ready for the next valid credential), or, if another credential has been presented, the arms stay down for the next users’ passage. This featue is called “stacking” of credentials, and supports high user traffic.  Additionally, if a subsequent valid credential is presented during the arm closing cycle, the arms stop in mid-cycle and immediately reopen; users do not need to wait until the opening/closing process completes. Depending on the application and response time of the access control system being used, traffic of up to 40 persons a minute can be reasonably expected

If a valid credential is not presented then an alarm will sound. The turnstile comes with standard sounds or users can substitute their own custom audio. Illuminated status icons on the lid and audible sounds prompt users, and provide clear notification of card status. The various alarm conditions (e.g., unauthorized entry; loitering in lane; tailgating, etc.) are differentiated by light flashing patterns and through the use of sounds which differentiate depending on the type of alarm.

The barrier arms are controlled via brushless DC motors through closed loop position control that monitors arm position every 1/1000 of a second. The arm movement is quick, precise and is constantly monitored for utmost safety.  User passage and detection is accomplished using our newest generation optics and sophisticated detection software.

The turnstile can provide controlled operation in both directions (card in/card out). The turnstile can also provide controlled entry with free passage exit for applications where users are not required to “credential out" for exit. In free passage mode, users can walk directly into the passage lane at a normal pedestrian pace and the arms will automatically open without requiring the user to slow down. Individual turnstiles or select travel directions (e.g., entry as opposed to both entry and exit) can also be closed during off hours or slow periods.

This optical turnstile is also highly effective at deterring and detecting unwanted entry. We employ a sophisticated detection technology to spot unauthorized access attempts and "tailgating" behind an authorized user. Lower crawl sensors detect crawl under attempts. In the event of an invalid entry or exit attempt, the turnstile lights and sounds notify the user and alert attendants. Additional notification outputs are also provided, allowing integration with remote alarms, door locks, CCTV or other devices.

It also has a number of safety features. It features a dedicated emergency input for fire/life safety. If the emergency input is triggered (e.g. via fire alarm system), the barrier arms retract to allow free egress. In addition to fire input, the turnstile also has an option for “breakaway arms”. This option allows the barrier arms to be pushed or pulled open horizontally with approximately 10 lbs. of force. In the event the arms are broken away, they automatically return to the “home” barrier up position.

The turnstile easily integrates with nearly any access control system. Each side of the turnstile allows interior (under the lid) installation of a mullion sized proximity reader at each end of the turnstile. Larger, or non-proximity-type, readers can be accommodated on top of the turnstile lid or through the use of an integrated pedestal. 

Product Features

Drop Arm Barriers
Slim Cabinet Design
Minimal Floor Space
ADA Lane, 36"
Standard Lane, 28"
Intuitive LED Indicators
0 (hours)
0 (minutes)
0 (seconds)

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