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Revolving Turnstile, 2-Way SECURE - 4 Wing

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Product Description

This innovative, motorized and revolving 4-sector turnstile has two sliding doors which automatically close to prevent building access in the event of an alarm.  An alarm can be triggered if more than one person is attempting to enter at the same time ("tailgating" in the same turnstile sector) or a person does not scan or their employee badge or fingerprint to enter.  Free exit is standard but access control can also be used for exiting as well.

The larger 4-wing frame allows a greater throughput or more people travelling through the revolving turnstile, up to 32 passages per minute.

The unique feature for this turnstile is that an alert does not stop the turnstile completely and everyone in it.  Instead a sliding door previously concealed closes to prevent the unauthorized user from entering the secured area or part of the building. A voice message through the intercome prompts them to continue walking around back to the entrance side where they got on.

This revolving turnstile is either for outdoors leading into a building (sealed for protection against rain and snow) or for an indoor installation.

Access Control features can activate the turnstile both for entering and exiting, and for this larger model a metal detector can be added as an option when entering only.  


An anti-camouflage camera and software feature determines if a person is presenting their face normally, without hiding the details of their face by a helmet, sun glasses, scarf, etc., and subsequently records and stores their photo according to user settings.  This additional record of entry is added-security in the event of a burglary where other security cameras may not have full facial features.  If the face is hidden, even partially, then the turnstile does not allow access, even if the person originally activated the turnstile by their ID or biometric scan.

Only-One Person

Sensors in the ceiling of the revolving door’s entry sector, in conjunction with additional software, detect if one or more people are present in that turnstile sector.  If more than one person is present, an alarm goes off and exiting from that sector is prevented by the sliding door closing, and those people are then brought back to the original entry side with a voice prompt over the intercome.  Sensitivity for this feature can be adjusted. 

Bullet proof glass (20 to 21 mm or B2/S P6B laminated glass) is provided for the outside frame and the two sliding doors, and 13 to 14 mm laminated glass (P4A  - with thicker glass optional) is installed on each of the 3 turnstile wings.

The two concealed sliding doors open or close accordingly. If the turnstile is activated by a successful ID scan (card or biometric) the turnstile will rotate and the sliding door will be open to allow exit on the secured side of the building. However, if camouflauge attempt is detected or a false ID presented for example, then the door will close for that sector and not allow exiting but will continue to rotate and bring the user back to the original entrance, or non-secured side to exit.  Yet another person in transit in one or both of the other compartments may exit through their sector's open door to the secured side. 

This motorized revolving turnstile can be integrated with any card or biometric system to operate the turnstile. The scan can be made outside or inside the turnstile depending on the placement and style of reader.

Security checks can be required for building access yet with a high flow capacity and a minimalist, attractive design.

Other Features:

Intercom, Voice Messages

Activation and Direction Lights

Standard AC Dimensions are diameter 2300 mm (90.55")  x H 2292 mm (90")

Backup battery included

Digital display, menu guided setting console

Installation on existing floor (no floor)

Waterproof roof for outdoor to indoor installation

RAL Color (powder coated) or Stainless Steel finish

Passageway: 1050 mm (41.33") x H 2090 mm (82")

24 VDC Electric Motor with reverse free rotation if power failure

Inside Lighting with 12V, 50/60 Hz LED Spots

Emergency escape/manually unlock door locks; automatic/manual passage in both directions

Self-adjusted braking, speed control and accident prevention devices

Product Features

Access Control Both Ways
Waterproof Ceiling
No Access if Face Hidden
Only Permits One Person
Minimal Heat and AC Loss
Activated Sliding Doors
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